Empire Of Sound

Band // Drums

Role Musician
Team Blažka Oberstar
Sandra Čepin
Bernd Leski
Michael Bernsteiner
Aleksander Živko
Lukas Straußberger
Matthias Bistan
Gerald Pichler
Stefan Tippler
Band Empire Of Sound

In November 2011, in the heart of western Styria, an extraordinary band with the ambitious aim to create a sublime live pop music sound emerged, in what felt like, a flash. A blend of pop, dance and soul mixed with an entire brass section results in a diverse spectrum of sonority. All-time favorites such as Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire influence the band as much as current chart-toppers.

The nine exceptionally talented musicians who joined forces, stem from various music genres and successfully combined their musical creativity to bring this unique project into being. This spectacle of sound coupled with a versatile stage show makes even the laziest couch potato want to dance … and the empire dances back!

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